New Standish Beach
Finding a nice beach to cool off in the middle of the summer is a must here in Maine. If you are a resident of Standish, Maine, then your wishes of having a beach on Sebago Lake have been granted. Time to get wet and wild!
According to WGME Channel 13, in June, construction on a half-mile road began;…
Best Ice Cream in NH
My guilty pleasure is ice cream, especially on hot summer days. There are SO many choices of places to get ice cream in New Hampshire. How can you choose the best? Well, WMUR channel 9 asked YOU where is the best place to get ice cream in 2016, and you answered...
Is Going to see a Movie alone Cool, or Not Cool? [POLL]
I have found the older that I get, I enjoy doing 'life things' alone. I view doing these things alone, as a date with myself. Also, it's a break from life for me. But, sometimes, I get a weird reaction from others when I tell them I love going to the movies alone...
Winter is Here
Winter is almost here, literally! Mark your calendar, December 21st. We are all preparing ourselves, especially after last winter.......ugh. But, on the top of Mt. Washington, winter is already here!