Is it just me, or do the sharks got it out for us this year in New England?

Man, it seems like everyday there is a new shark attack being reported in New England! Most recently a man was attacked at a Cape Cod beach and had to be airlifted to the hospital. I never had any fear of sharks when swimming in the ocean! In fact, I have always been more scared of lakes. Now, that is changing and I don't like it! I know we are hearing more about animal attacks do to the fact that we all have a cellphone but, I just feel like it's happening way too often.

Well, there is a way to feel safer when entering the cool waters of the Atlantic. The New York Times claims it's not the ole urban legend that if you hit a shark on the nose it will go away. In fact, that is a terrible idea because experts say it doesn't work. It's better to poke it in the eye or hit is gills. But, who the hell has time to even think to do that?

Well, there is a bracelet that you can wear with swimming that claims to repel sharks. The product is called Sharkbanz and check out the testing the makers did to find out if it really works!

Would you try it or just stay out of the water?