This is exactly the cuteness you needed to see today. Let's help her out!

You remember growing up you had your favorite stuffed toy you took everywhere? My was my Cabbage Patch Kid. She was my best friend and designed to look like me. Couldn't tell you where she is now but, we were inseparable.

Well, after remembering then this story will break your heart. picked up this sweet story and I hope we can help out. New Hampshire Mom Tammy Vigliotti and her daughter Peyton went shopping in the Newington shopping area on Sunday and made their way to several stores. Peyton brought along her beloved stuffed bunny but, the bunny somehow hopped away. Somewhere on their travels they lost the bunny that goes by the name Hadley. Being an awesome mom, Tammy took to Facebook and posted a help find post. Here is the post below and let's try to find Hadley for Peyton!

What was your favorite stuff doll/animal growing up?