Have you found a creepy crawly stink bug in your home yet?

I felt it is my duty to warn you about these gross little buggers. This morning I was fixin' to leave for work and I grabbed my leather jacket. When I opened it I was surprised my a stink bug finding it's warm spot on the back of my jacket. I instantly screamed and threw my jacket on the floor and ran across my room. I debated in my mind for a minute on how I would get it outta my sight. And, most importantly I remembered not to squash it because that's when it's repulsive aroma comes out. So gross. I ended up picking it up lightly with a paper towel and flushing that sucker!

Moral of the story is don't be like me and get completely caught off guard by a stink bug invasion into your living space.

According to pestworld.org, here are 5 helpful tips to avoid a stink bug problem:

1. Be sure that any open crevices to the outside are sealed shut. Around doors, windows and even your chimney.

2. Check all your window screens for any tears or any gaps under your doors to go outside.

3. Make sure you have no leaky pipes or clogged drains because they like moist places too.

4. These bugs love the light so minimize how much light you use outside and close curtains to not attract them.

5. Be sure all your food is sealed up tight, no food in the trash can for too long, and wipe all counters after cooking.

Always be on the look out because these nasty guys stink! LOL