Nothing better than going on a treasure hunt when that hunt leads you to a really swanky bar!

When a new bar opens in your area now they need to have some kind of twist to bring customers in. In New England, we belly up to a bar and it's usually the only bar we go to. We tend to get comfortable in our hometown bar and become lifers. Nothing is wrong with that at all. I have my favorite dive bars I frequent but, I do enjoy finding new watering holes to check out.

There has been a trend up and coming in cites of speakeasy bars. They are taking after the old days when bars had to be hidden due to prohibition. These bars have good deals on drinks, usually entertainment, and a swanky vibe. Hard part is finding these hip bars because they are hiding in plain sight! They usually have no signs or neon lights outside to welcome customers. Most of the time you find these places by accident or word of mouth. Well, I am going to make finding at least 3 of them a bit easier for you.

According to, here are 3 speakeasy bar's to find and enjoy in New Hampshire!


1.) CodeX Nashua, NH

This speakeasy is cleverly hidden in a fake bookstore front on Elm Street. The entrance is actually down the alley next to it. You enter an unmarked door and you have to pull the correct book to get inside the bar.


2.) 8one5 Manchester, NH

Only way in is to have the correct password and it changes every Monday. Follow them on Twitter. 


3.) Latchkey Portsmouth, NH

Located on Vaughn Mall and there is no sign out front. They are known for their whiskey and lots of live music.