Nowadays dogs have become more important than having children. In a recent study, it was determined that among Americans in their 30's, 50% of them have dogs. In fact, the 'Millennial Generation', people born between 1980-2000; are having dogs more than kids. Millennials are waiting in later in life to have a child, and some just opt out of it. Let's face it, dogs are cheaper, and a whole lot easier to have; it's more about convenience. I was born in 1980, and I can say I have done just this. I have no children, never been married, but, the constant companion in my life has always been a dog. I even refer to my dog Fancy as 'my child, in lieuย of a real child'.

As dog owners, we want the best for our pooches, and grooming is way up on that list. You must be certain that your dog is in safe hands, and that they enjoy the experience. Well, sometimes they do? I know, because before I got back into radio, I was an apprentice to become a dog groomer. I studied under a woman named Caitlyn and she is a PRO. She has her own doggie salon now in Windham, Maine. I have seen first hand how well she treats the dogs, and has mad grooming skills. It's called Lavish Dog Day Spa and the dogs are always the star of the show. She posts the happy pups getting their did on the salon's Facebook Page. So Stinkin Cute!