Saturday Night Live scored a major touchdown with this skit!

Well, it is MUCH easier to remember the last time the Patriots won the Super Bowl. I think we have all tried over the year to erase this year's big game from our memory vaults. Like it never happened!

Anyway, it is a new season. Our revenge season. And, in fine Pats fashion, we are off to a not so good start. That just means the only way to go is up. Think back to Super Bowl 2017. That was the ultimate comeback for our boys! Leading up to the big game, Saturday Night Live had some fun with some of our favorite New England football characters. This skit was a Celebrity Family Feud game and it featured some of the SNL cast and host Kristen Stewart impersonating Belchick, Gisele and even Roger Goodell!

Watch this for a good laugh and let's look forward to a win this Sunday for the Patriots!