Two New England friends came up with an idea to teach calligraphy classes at local breweries, and they named it Sip & Script. It became a massive success and three of these unique events are coming to Maine.

Sip & Script is the brainchild of Meg Chaloner from New Hampshire and Julie Mancini from Boston. The two thought sharing their love of calligraphy in an informal, casual setting while enjoying an adult beverage or two would be a great way to get more people into the hobby and maybe even have some pick up the skill professionally. calligraphy classes where people of all skill levels.

In this day of email and note-taking on computers and tablets, when was the last time you actually picked up a pen and wrote something? I honestly don't remember when I did. That's what Sip & Script is bringing back and turning into a fun night out while doing so. You'll dip your pen in a bottle of ink and before you know you'll be writing beautiful manuscripts and discovering and learning a new hobby.

Sip & Scripts' very first event in 2016 was a sell-out, and that trend hasn't slowed. One event at Austin Street Brewery in Portland on August 24 has already sold out, so if you are looking to have a fun night out with friends, you should jump on one of the three other events planned this year.

The next event is on October 7 at York Beach Beer Company.

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Two more events are planned at Liquid Riot on Commerical Street in Portland on October 21 and November 15.

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The cost for each event is $65 which includes 90 minutes of class instruction, a beginner’s calligraphy kit, and all materials to write on and you get to keep it all. This will sell out, so grab your spot while you can. We'll help. Just tap that button below to sign up.

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