Well, no way to say this nicely, but, back to school time is upon us. Or, maybe as parents, you are excited and ready for them to go back! Either way, you send your children to school year after year. In the hopes that they learn something, and make you proud. Another part of school is your child finding out who he/she is. And, growth is sometimes not so nice. But, in the long run, you support your child all the way, and want them to become the best version of themselves. And, here is one student, went to the beat of his own drum!

The Valedictorian of the graduating 2015 Portsmouth High School Colin Yost made the most of his time in school. His speech that night was to promote individuality, and to celebrate just who they had become. This video went national because his speech was inspiring, and a surprise entire class flash mob summed it all up perfectly!

(flash mob begins at 4:50 minutes in)