Maine has it's fair share of delicious restaurants, making it the perfect state to film a TV show about food! Adam Richman was the host of the Travel Channel's 'Man vs Food' from 2008-2012. Adam would roll into cities and towns all over the US, and find the best known place to 'Pig Out'. He would take on that establishments challenge to eat the most of some thing on their menu just for sport. And, we loved to watch him stuff his face, and see the yummy foods he got to try.

In 2010, Adam brought 'Man vs Food' to Maine, and hit up some of the best spots to 'chow down'! First, he stopped at The Lobster Shake in Cape Elizabeth and enjoyed a traditional lobster dinner. Then, he came to Portland, and ate at 'Nosh'. He had their Apocalypse Burger. And, for his big food challenge, he went to Tradewinds Cafe in Arundel. It was the 'Manimal Challenge', and it was a tough bite for him to sallow, and finish. Check out the episode here to find out how he enjoyed his trip to Maine, and, if he won that food challenge!