Summer is drawing to a close and this family made the most of it in Maine this year.

I cannot even believe Summer has come and if fixin' to be gone. The ole saying is so true that the older you get, time flies. I don't feel like I did that much summer stuff though! Do you? I am usually a true beach bum but, because it was SO humid for most the summer; I stayed indoors with the air conditioner. I am never one to say 'bring on Fall' but, this year I am. I can deal with hot temperatures but, this summer made me feel like I was living in Tennessee again. I am not complaining at all, I am just sayin' dang it was muggy. I did after all take a trip to Dominican Republic and spent a gorgeous week on the beach there. So, guess you could say I got quality time at the beach, just not here. Is there anything you wish you had done this summer?

I came across this video on YouTube of a family enjoying their 2018 Summer in Maine. Not sure what area they were in but, this video is absolutely beautiful. It is shot with drone footage, on the ground footage and on the water too. The family looks SO happy doing all the activities one does in Maine on sweet summer days. This video kinda made me feel guilty that I didn't do more this summer. But hey, there is always next year!

Enjoy this delightful video and let it bring up fond Summer of 2018 memories for you!