Have you encountered an animal in Maine this year that you thought could have been rabid? If so, you are far from alone.

Seems that everyday you turn on the news that there has been another rabid animal attack.

According to WMTW Channel 8, for the year so far there have been 42 cases of animals with rabies reported. Some have been brutal attacks on people.

The animals have been foxes, raccoons, skunks, an otter, and even a cat.

Most of the attacks reported have been in the Brunswick area with 3 grey foxes and a skunk, according to WMTW. This is alarming enough that the US Department of Agriculture is helping to have an airplane drop 351,000 rabies vaccines in the woods. They are hoping to lure in rabid raccoons to eat the packets that will be yummy covered in fishmeal, the news station reported.

So scary! Be safe out there and keep an eye on your pets too.

Check out the video below to show you signs of an animal being rabid.