This story is really unfortunate. I hope you can help.

New Castle, New Hampshire police have posted a sad Facebook post looking for people that did nothing. Literally. On the afternoon of June 10th, some debris at Fort Constitution fell on a women and she suffered severe injuries. What would you do in this situation? Help her or walk on by? Well, a couple decided to do nothing and walk on by. The couple saw that this woman was hurt and then walked to their car and left. This incident was caught on security video by the Coast Guard station. Police are asking for your help to identify this couple for unknown reasons. This story makes me sad but, hopefully this couple comes forward to help in investigating what exactly happened.

If you have any information contact Officer Cody Lightfoot at 603-436-3800 or by email at

Here is the description of this couple from the New Castle Police Department:

The male appears to be a middle aged Caucasian. The female appears to be middle aged Asian or Hispanic woman. The couple left is a small white convertible.