Well, I have always been open about my lack of knowledge when it comes to football. But, a friend of mine recently enlightened me on 'The Madden Curse'. It all started back in 1998, with Garrison Hearst from the San Francisco 49ers. He graced the cove of Madden NFL 99, then shortly after broke his ankle, and was out for the rest of the season. In fact, this curse is very real. Out of the 19 NFL players that have been on the cover of these video games, 17 of them got hurt shortly after, and were out for the rest of their seasons. That is eerie!

And, this year, it was Rob Gronkowski's go with the curse. He was the cover boy this year for Madden NFL for this year. Shortly after, his injures started to pile up; then is last one took him out for the year. Gronk has had his surgery, and is on the mend. In fact, he acknowledges the curse, but gets right back on the field!! Check out his most recent Madden NFL commercial.


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