If you are done being terrified of Pennywise in 'IT', then you need to check out this inspiring movie about a man that survived the Boston Marathon bombing. 


April 15, 2013 was a horrifying day in history for Boston and the rest of our country. The Boston Marathon was bombed by tow men that lived in it's fair city. What was once a joyous event that was looked forward to by thousands, became a nightmare. In the aftermath, so many were affected mentally and physically by this evil act. One man, Jeff Bauman, was changed forever after losing both of his legs in the bombing. He went on to write a biography on his struggle to heal, and now it has been made into an inspiring film. Actor Jake Gyllenhaal plays Jeff in this heart wrenching film, and it's one performance to not miss. Stonger is out in theaters this Friday, and could knock 'IT' in the box office this weekend.