New England Patriots Training camp isn't slowing this playa' down. At 6 foot 6, this 265 pound jungle gym doesn't seem to be too beat up by his teammates, but his latest playmate sure left a mark! Rob Gronkowski went old school sporting a hickey at training camp yesterday. It doesn't look like he bothered with any of those tricks to get rid of it or hide it.

Captain provided us with "Hickey Cam" footage:

Rob is a big guy and check out the size of his hand. It's literally shovel-size!

In this pic Gronk seems to be whispering sweet nothings into Captain's ear...

In a sea of photographers with professional equipment, I stood there snapping pics with my iPhone. Gronk looked right at me when I took this picture of him!

We were totally vibing. I LOVE Pats training camp!