According to WHDH, Heather Figeuroa is a mama from Nottingham, New Hampshire. She was giving her son a haircut and noticed some strange bumps near his ears. Heather felt like something wasn't right so she brought Branson to a few different doctors. She kept hearing that nothing was wrong and her son was fine. She persisted and finally, Branson was diagnosed with craniosynostosis which is a rare birth defect in which the bones in a baby’s skull join together too early.
Branson had a procedure called a cranial vault remodeling surgery at Vermont Medical Center in Burlington. After the 7 hour procedure, Heather captured her son's first steps on video.

She told WHDH,

“To watch him two days post-op get out of bed with the biggest smile, not being able to see and knowing that he could walk, you know it’s something I really can’t explain. It was a pretty monumental moment. As a mom, I’ll never forget.”

Heather said she hopes by sharing her story, she can help other parents whose children are dealing with similar conditions.