Having a TV show or movie shot in Maine or New Hampshire makes us all feel a little special. Why? Maybe because we are from here, and recognize things. Or, we are curious about the subject because it's happening in our state. Either way, it makes for damn good entertainment. The Animal Planet's 'North Woods Law: Maine' was filmed for 4 years in the big ole great ups 'up ther ah'. The Animal Planet decided to move the reality show elsewhere due to controversy surrounding a poaching sting in Maine. In fact, the Wardens were accused of letting the cameras influence enforcing the law. So now, the show has moved on to New Hampshire and we can check out how the law is enforced in their woods.

The new season of 'North Woods Law: New Hampshire' started on March 5th. Episodes air Sunday nights at 8pm. Here is a sneak peak of the boys in action in New Hampshire!