Got a rat problem? This horrifying solution can be used in New Hampshire now. 

According to, rats in some New Hampshire cites have become quite a problem. Ugh, just saying 'rat infestation' makes me cringe. But, one way that big cities around the country have been clearing up those infestations is with some science. Now, I know dry ice as the things people use to make fog at Halloween parties. But, did you know that dry ice can be used to kill rats? The way it works to do that is horrifying to me and sounds like an awful death for these pests. The dry ice can be made into pellets that are then inserted into rat burrows. Dry ice is carbon dioxide, so the pellets take all the oxygen out of the air. Then, that makes the rats suffocate to death.

The worst rat infestation problem in the state is in Dover and the 'Rat Ice' will be used there.

This freaks me out! How have you dealt with any pests infesting your home before?