Over the past couple years, flannel has become THE uniform for New England in fall. Even into the winter as well. It has become fashionable to look like a lumber jack! But, for most of us, it is so comfortable, and eases the pain of finding something to wear for the day. Oh, and, don't forget to have your LL Beans on with the flannel shirt. It finishes up the look perfectly. For us in Maine and New Hampshire, this look fits us perfectly; it matches our surroundings. This look is SO popular, it has even moved into New York City, where there is no wilderness. Flannel is not just for wearing though! So lets keep up on the flannel trend this fall/winter with this 10 helpful tips to get my flannel into your life, thanks to the website, theberry.com.

10. Have your Pup dressed in Flannel


9. Add a special topping to your outfit with a Flannel Hat


8. How about a pop of flannel with a scarf


7. And, don't forget about Flannel Accessories




6. A fabulous flannel hangbag


5. Sleep in style with a flannel sleeping bag



4. Cozy up to a campfire with a night cap, in a flannel flask



3. Flannel comfort with slippers


2. For the ladies, how about a flannel bra



1. Get a stylish rest with a PJ Onsie