Country fans in Maine and New Hampshire are dying for more country bars. We need a place to get down, have some cold ones, and holler at the moon! The Goat in Portsmouth could be our next Honky-Tonk, but there is just one thing standing in their way.

According to, entrepreneur Al Fleury chose downtown Portsmouth to open his dream bar. The Goat is set to be the hottest new Country Whisky Bar and Grill on Congress Street. But, there has been a hold up with him getting is liquor licence from the State Liquor Commission. So, what's the deal with that? Well, right now it's a he said, she said situation. Fleury claims that that the commission is giving him a 'hard time' because he wants customers to be able to jam and dance. Now, City Manager Nancy Colbert Puff denies this, saying it's a violation of fire code.

Owner Fleury received an agreement from the commission stating:

"The parties to this agreement recognize that restaurant patrons might nonetheless engage in intermittent, sporadic and unauthorized dancing,” the draft agreement states. “Such unauthorized dancing will not be deemed a breach of this agreement as long as there is no dance floor in the restaurant, the dancing does not occur in the aisles which are necessary for safe egress from the premises and is not authorized or encouraged by The Goat Bar and Grill.”


Guess we will find out soon if we can dance or not to our favorite country music. Fleury plans on opening The Goat in early November.