I grew up in the heart of Country Music, right outside Nashville, Tennessee. I used to put up a front when I was a kid, because country is what Dad listened to; I wanted to be cooler than him. I listened mostly to classic rock, but, secretly, I LOVED country music. In the 90's, country was a lot different than it is now. The steel guitar was used in every song, and it was so much more pure country. And, among all the artists was Alan Jackson, Martina McBride, Tim McGraw, George Strait, Faith Hill; Garth Brooks was my favorite. And, getting the opportunity to meet and watch Garth Brooks in concert, was a true childhood dream of mine.

This was our first picture. Me and Garth want the phone to work dang it! LOL

Then, the 'money shot'!

Anastasia Snook

Going backstage at the Worcester DCU Center last Saturday, I was so nervous! I was meeting Garth Brooks. I had no idea what to say, or ask. Me, speechless, can you imagine?! But, I was. When Garth and Trisha walked into the green room, I became a 'deer in headlights'. All I could do, is hug him, and enjoy being in his presence. I gave Garth the tightest hug I have ever giving anyone in my life. I tried to talk, told Garth I work for 103.7 The Peak, and he asked me if I liked it. I said yes, but miss hearing him on the radio. I was stuttering, and shaking! My brain was not fast enough to comprehend how far I have come in my life, and how it has lead me to this moment. I am truly grateful for where I am in my life, and I am so happy I get to share it with you.

Once I got to my seat, the show began. Garth played every single song I wanted to hear, and then some. My favorite song is 'The River', and as I watched him sing it, I cried. Because, that song to me, helped me through some rough times in my childhood. The entire night for me, was an emotional roller coaster, and I didn't want to get off. The crowd DCU Center felt like a warm blanket of love, and Garth was the ring master.

Garth Brooks Concert

Posted by Anastasia Snook on Thursday, March 3, 2016


It is truly amazing how music can effect you. It can get into your soul, and bring you back to memories that you thought were lost. That is what happened for me watching Garth. I had a very special moment during the show, when I realized, that a dream of mine, just came true.