Where did you take your last first date?


Well, I am officially a 'Biddefordian', for that is a word! Meaning, I have settled into my new apartment in Biddeford, Maine and now it's time for exploring my new surroundings. I have so many restaurants, bars, coffee shops and diners within walking distance of my apartment. Also, I am single once again and ready to mingle. Yesterday I met up with a guy I met from Tinder at Mulligan's Bar & Grill. Now, I had been there probably 8 years ago and it was quite nostalgic going there. The gentleman I met up with was just that, a gentleman. We had a great time and enjoyed the atmosphere. And, when in came to ordering food, it was all on him. Because it's easy to pick up the check when EVERYTHING on the menu is under $6. I KNOW, right?! I everything from burgers, lasagna, steak, ribs even country fried steak. I ended up getting buffalo wings and they were huge! They also have live entertainment and pool tables. The only catch is you cannot call in take out. You must eat there and take home leftovers.

So, if you are looking to not have a ridiculous check after a date orders the most expensive thing on the menu; well that can't happen at Mulligan's! Guess who will be going there more often than not? LOL