Winter is still here, and you would think that Fenway Park is sitting empty in the middle of Boston, right? Red Sox Pitchers and Catchers report on February 18th this year, and spring training is just around the corner. Right now at Fenway, it's a VERY different scene than we are used to seeing. Because atop the 'Green Monster' sits a 140 foot Ski Ramp for the 'Big Air' at Fenway event happening today and tomorrow!

The 'Green Monster' at Fenway Park stands at  37 feet high. In other words, skiing competitors will be flying toward home plate at a starting height over three and a half times taller than the Monster. Professional Skiers and Snowboarders from all around the world come to compete at this event, and one of them decided to wear a GoPro Camera during practice. My knees are shaking just watching this video! You can catch all the competition on today and tomorrow on NBCSports Network at 8pm ET.