Keep the kids busy this summer while you relax on the does that sound?

When I was growing up in Tennessee, I was able to go to the beach every summer.  How you ask? Well, my Mom is originally from Massachusetts and we would fly up every summer to visit my family. My Great Auntie Jill and Uncle Arthur had a place on Onset Island in Cape. My favorite summer memory is having to catch a ride on the dock from someone to get over to the island. And, it was always a tiny boat with a motor. Or, it was even a row boat sometimes. Onset Island is a little under a mile all the way around. I would always go clamming with my Auntie and collect shells. One summer I saw a picture of scallop shells glued to a line of Christmas lights and I was inspired. I walked all around the island all day and collected enough shells to make my own set of lights. And, for years they hung in my room in Tennessee and made my smile every time I looked at them. They reminded me how lucky I was to be able to visit my family every summer in the north.

Now, also too I am pretty sure my Mom was happy it kept me preoccupied! If you are a parent, this can do the same for you. Here are some cute crafty videos to show the kiddos to get them pumped to put those shells to use they collect in the summers here in Maine and New Hampshire!