When Elizabeth Gifford of Scarborough went in to have her breast lump examined, she'd been dreading the appointment for months. She's mom to a spitfire 11-year-old and works as a department manager at Walmart. Her husband drives for Uber; he drove me to the airport just a few weeks ago. When she heard back from the hospital about her mammogram and ultrasound, her stomach dropped and time slowed.

They told her she had two additional lumps, one hiding behind the one she'd felt in her breast and another in her lymph node.

Her biopsy results came back and the news started out good: the lymph node lump was benign. The breast lumps, however, tested positive for stage 2 triple negative invasive ductal carcinoma. She turned to the Dempsey Center for help, who set her up with a therapist to help her manage anxiety.

In the midst of her further testing for the treatment process, Elizabeth had to take a preemptive pregnancy test. She and her husband were completely shocked when it came back positive.

Needless to say, Adam and Elizabeth's lives have been turned upside down and they don't know what the future holds.

In her GoFundMe profile, she says asking for financial help feels like a last resort.

"Everyone hates to ask for help and I completely understand and feel the same.  I myself have been too proud at times...  I am humbling myself to realize this is bigger than I can control."

It's hard to imagine being in Elizabeth's situation, or to understand the emotional complexity of her and her husband's situation. They're linking arms and taking it all day by day, but any donation to help out the family would be hugely appreciated.