Are you lookin' to label your self as a true Mainer? Here is some wicked inspiration for a sweet 'Lobstah' tattoo!

Are you proud to be a Mainer? Then you should put the label on you to show your pride. I have 6 tattoos now and am always thinking about my next. I remember when I got my first one at 18 in Rhode Island. I got a fantail gold fish on my right ankle on the way back from the beach with my Aunt. I had to lay on the table on my belly and I watched a few episodes on 'The Simpsons' on there lobby TV there. Every tattoo I have means something meaningful to me. This fish to me represents my spirit animal. I love fish and they are so relaxing to me to watch. I always said I would only have that one tattoo because I thought more than one was 'trashy'. Pfff, I ain't my words because here I have 5 tattoos later and ready for more. In a way, they are addictive. For me, when I see each one it shows me a chapter of my life I survived. They make me smile each time because they show me how much I have grown. Maine has been a very big part of my life. 13 years of it so far, but whose counting. I love this beautiful state and am so glad I found my way here. So, maybe I am looking towards my next ink session?

These awesome lobster tattoos are kinda calling my name. They are so beautiful and cool!

Do you have any tattoos?