This local weatherman got a good, but cute scare!

How lucky are we to have dogs in our lives? I don't understand people that don't like dogs and apartments that don't allow them. There have been times when I was in between dogs and it was just a sad time. Dogs love us unconditionally and most humans can't even do that. I cannot imagine my life without my baby girl Fancy. She is my best friend, she licks my tears when I am crying, is a snuggle bug, and is always happy to see me. Well, I can't say that for this local weatherman. WMUR Channel 9's Josh Judge was doing his live weather report recently and got the surprise of his life. A dog by the name of Bella was wondering around the studio and made her television debut during his forecast. Tell wagging and all. Bella meandered behind Josh and his reaction is priceless! Cutest forecast ever! Current temps are adorable! Those clouds are all fluffy and lovey! Ok, I will stop.  #LOL