Discovering new bands and music is like opening a Christmas present! Especially when you can see them near you!

In case you don't know, there is local country music right in our backyard. Sons of Alfond is a little bit country and a little bit alternative. Meaning, country music with a sweet twist. They are from right here in Portland, Maine and have been doing there thing since 2015 and the sky is the limit. They have a brand new album out and are ready to rock your face off!

Cam Cain - Vocals and Guitar
Jake Valley - Guitar
Ralph Cammack - Bass
Sean Goodrich - Drums
Be on the look out for their next song release tomorrow called 'Lightning'. It will be available on all the major platforms. Be sure to look them up on Spotify, or YouTube for the Sunshine State of Mind music video.

Do you like what you heard and saw? See Sons of Alfond at Aura Nightclub in Portland 11/1/18 opening for EagleMania. It's an 18+ show.