We wake up everyday, and face our own struggles. Life IS hard, but, sometimes, there are moments that can brighten your day.

11 year old Jordan Norwood was ran over by an SUV on Tall Pines Drive in Auburn, Maine on August 15th. He was out riding his bike when he was hit. After months in the hospital, he has recovered, and returned to school and life. Jordan had been a regular at the McDonald's at 138 Center St in Auburn, riding his bike there for burgers. The crew had grown very fond of Jordan, especially Stacy Boutot. When Stacy heard the news of Jordan's horrible accident, she was devastated. She enjoyed having Jordan around the restaurant, and always remembered that he only had light ketchup on his burgers. Stacy says '"He's always shy and reserved, so he would come at night when there are less people here. He always greeted us with a smile and he won the hearts of a lot of people."

Stacy decided that she wanted to help her little friend, in any way she could in his recovery. So, her manager at work, let her put a tip jar out for Jordan. And, to Stacy's surprise, customers responded with big donations. Stacy then used the money raised to buy Jordan a brand new bicycle to replace his old one that was ran over.

At a party on Tuesday, Jordan was surprised with his new bike from the McDonald's Crew, and a big ole hug from Stacy. The McDonald's Manager, Debbie Pelletier said, 'Jordan is a part of our McFamily.' Jordan's father was on hand at the party, and began crying at seeing the special gift the employees gave his son.

Jordan was thankful that he got to end his party with an ice cream sundae — with extra hot fudge.


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