It's small. We're talking a tiny little spot with stuff to make you smell good.


Walking around the Old Port, I came across a sign that definitely got my attention.


This was on Milk Street between Silver and Exchange in the heart of the Old Port. Of course, the sign proclaiming, 'Maine's Smallest Shop' got me curious. I popped my head in, as that is all that would fit because there were about 4 people milling about. I asked the only person working, 'Just how small is this place?'

She couldn't remember what the owner had told her, but it's small...she thought like 50-75 square feet. I didn't want to bother her anymore and figured, I'll catch the name and do a little digging on my own!


Maine Body and Bath. Got it. A quick Google search came up with absolutely nothing. All Googled would show me was the giant Bath and Body Works. I searched and searched and searched. I tried Facebook - nothing. Then I tried Instagram and found it!

That's a great Instagram picture because THAT is the whole store. I had guessed that it was around 100 square feet and the nice lady working said, 'Oh no, it's less than that!'

I was unable to get the exact square footage for this adorable little store of Maine made goodies. So for now, we'll just have to believe that it is Maine's smallest shop...just like the sign says.



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