Finding new restaurants to indulge in and enjoy is a great hobby of mine. Over the past 11 years living in Maine, I have almost eaten or drank at all the cool places in Portland. And, what's taking over the entire state now are locally owned breweries. With these breweries, not only is there one of a kind types of beers to sample, but they also are offering you some good grub. Breweries are the 'all in one' stop for foodies and drinkies. Not sure if 'drinkies' is a real term, but it not; I am creating it!

If you are over the Portland and South Portland breweries and are ready for a change of scenery while enjoying your cold one; you must hit up Hobbs Tavern. Hobbs Tavern is located in Ossipee, New Hampshire and has a rich history. From Portland to Ossipee, it's about an hour and a half drive through the beautiful interior of Maine, into New Hampshire. Which sounds lovely for a Sunday Funday don't you think? So the beer is a must at Hobbs Tavern and the food is an added bonus! They serve up everything from wings, calamari, and even escargot! A wide variety of delicious sandwiches too. Dinners include Fish n chips, Chicken Carbonara, and BBQ Ribs. And right now, Hobbs Tavern is our Seize the Deal; get a $50 gift certificate now, for only $25!

Check out these cool pictures of the atmosphere, food and drink at Hobbs Tavern. What are you waiting for??