There is still so much summer left, and no doubt many of you will be heading off to different camps to enjoy it.

However, there's one campground that's been around for a really long time. Camp Osspiee in New Hampshire is a private camp that's open only to members and their invited guests.

According to the National Register of Historic Places, "The property includes two contributing camp dwellings, Camp Ossipee built ca. 1900 on the western half of the parcel and a second camp built in 1947 and enlarged in 1981-83 on the eastern half of the parcel."

A documentary about Camp Ossipee, which was made and produced a year ago by Hatchery Digital Media, tells the story and history about the oldest campground in America. Camp Ossipee sits on the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee, and families and friends have been enjoying the nature and beauty of this campground since it's start. Some have made it their yearly camping trip every summer, according to the YouTube video.

The video was recently taken down.

After watching the video I naturally wanted to share it with you because of the private camp's rich history. It looks like a wonderful and gorgeous place to spend part of your summer.

You can read all about Camp Osspiee at the National Park Service website, and check out the National Register of Historic Places Registration Form that lists even more info about this private and historic property.

Have you spent your summers at camp before?