As humans, we are all very different in our own way. We like and dislike so many things. And, often, when you find out the way a person 'ticks'; you see them in a completely different way. 

My name is Annie Snook, and I have what you might call 'odd' thing that I LOVE to watch on YouTube. I thoroughly enjoy watching people pop other people's pimples. That's right, when it is a physician doing the popping and digging; it's even better. Why you ask? Well, I find it fascinating, and oddly satisfying. Like, scratching an itch that you just can't get to. It started when I was growing up. I LOVED popping my brothers zits on his back. That was way before YouTube!

So, if you dare, watch the video below. Then, you tell me: am I gross, weird, or is this oddly satisfying for you too?