Who watches 'real TV' anymore, really? Netflix, and other online streaming companies have complete changed the way we enjoy our favorite TV shows. The word 'binge watching' is a part of our everyday language now. And, let's face it, TV is SO much better without commercials. Finding a new TV show to binge watch for myself is SO exciting. Over the seasons, I fall in love with the characters, and when it's finished; I am sad. I have cried many times watching a series finale of a show. So emotional! LOL

So, website homesnacks.net recently came out with a list of the most streamed TV shows in each state, and it's surprising! In Maine, the most streamed TV show is 'Terriers'. Say what?! Yeah, I have never seen this show, but now I want to. It was only on for 1 season, on FX network in 2010.

For New Hampshire, the most streamed TV show is 'Continuum'. This is a Sci-Fi TV show that started in 2012, and is currently still on the SyFy Network. So, NH is obsessed with the future?

Check out here what other states love to binge watch!


What TV show are you currently binge watching?