It's the time of year in Maine and New Hampshire when it's time to get 'Upta Camp'! Got to air the place out, get rid of the winter stench; make sure no animals made a home, and get all the gear out there. I have always been very envious of people that own a 'Camp' here, because it really is a luxury. Even though if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown, flush it down. More than none, the 'Camp' has been in the family for generations, and I love hearing stories about summers 'Upta Camp'.

Of course, when I came across this video, I had to share it. Now one, because it's from a 'camp' on Frye Island on Sebago lake. And, two, because the guy in it is an 'Otta Towna'. So, you KNOW it's gonna be fun and easier to make fun of him! But, seriously, it made me laugh, and was nice to see someone get creative 'Upta Camp'; oh, and teach us some lessons about Maine too. Thank you for the good fun Logan McCarthy, and, come on back anytime!