Maine and New Hampshire's New Country Station 103.7 The Peak is your official home of the New England Patriots! Catch their first game in the AFC Divisional Playoffs right here on the Peak January 14th. GO PATS!


The New England Patriots are having an untouchable season. Even after Brady's 4 game suspension, and all the continued 'haters' out there. They beat the Dolphins, claimed home-field advantage for the AFC playoffs, and became the ninth team since 1972 to go undefeated on the road during the regular season. Now, for the obvious reasons, you know why the Patriots are killing it. We have the greatest quarterback of all time, GOAT Tom Brady, Belichick, and the list goes on. But, there is one thing that the Patriots have that I think is most important for a winning team: love. Love of the game, and love for each other. They appreciate each other, and have formed a family on and off the field. So, let's get into all the loves together in the Pats locker room after their victory over Miami Sunday.