When and where was the last time you went camping?

Well, when you think of Portland, Maine, you don't really think about camping. Hell, it's hard enough just to find parking. Now the rest of Maine, go for it!

A gentleman by the name of Eric and his cat Max have lived in an RV and camped all over the country for his YouTube Channel Nomadic Fanatic. Recently, he and his furry friend stopped in Portland, and it put a sour taste in his mouth.

A parking lot down on Commercial Street used to allow anything to park there. So, he pulled in and was shocked to see a new sign hanging up that said no to RVs parking there.

An officer even stopped at the lot to speak with him.

Needless to say, Eric was not happy with our little big city at all.

In fact, the entire episode of his camping in Maine didn't paint a pretty picture of Portland. Ouch!