Even after those dangerous downpours yesterday there is still a lack of water in Portsmouth?

Yesterday was quite eventful as far as the weather. Wicked thunderstorms, lighting and downpours rocked most of New Hampshire. But, glad to say that it is over and good weather is back for a bit. Now, wouldn't you think that we are doing pretty good with rain totals at this point in the summer? Well, according to seacoastonline.com, not so much in Portsmouth. In fact, the city Water Division is asking residents to not use so much water. This is due to the fact that technically the city has not received as much ran as you would think over the last few months. An official with the city's Public Works says that water has been in high demand this year for watering yards and gardens. He explains that the reports for water levels for Bellamy Reservoir are right at the crest of the dam. But, it's the high demand that can make it go down too much. Last week, the reservoir peaked at residents using 7 million gallons and that is too much.

How you can help, they ask for you to wait to water your lawn and gardens until 10pm; the water then will be better to each down into the soil. If you water during the day, it is sunny and windy and your water won't go down into the ground.

Just water more wisely, that's all!

Do you have a big garden or lawn you water everyday?