Did you know that taking a bath can change your mood and relax you?

Do you like taking baths? I know you probably have to give your little children a bath everyday, but do you know that taking a bath as an adult can be absolute heaven? Anytime I can get into a body of water there is something so relaxing about it to me. I think it's because water makes you weightless and your muscles completely relax. It makes me feel free! And, the only time I can do this is in the ocean, or if I stay at a hotel that has a pool and hot tube. I have been a renter since I was 26 years old and I am 38 now. Only 3 of the apartments that I have rented since then have had a tub. I have rented at least 8 of the apartments I have lived in have had no bath tub. Just the sad shower stale. Including the place I am in now. I am always desperate to take a bath, anywhere. I have been known to ask my friends if I can come over and take a bath. Let's just say they think I am kidding....but actually I am not. Now, my boyfriend is moving into a new place and the first thing I asked him is if the place has a tub. And, THANK GOD he said it does!! I haven't been this excited about anything since going to Europe last year.

So, my question is to you is, do you think it's weird for a good friend to ask to come over to use your bathtub? And, do you love baths as much as I do? If not, why?

This life is hard for us everyday and I highly suggest that if you have a bathtub, you use it! Take 1 night a week, turn off 'mom' and 'life' mode and have a DIY spa night! I promise it will work wonders for your work week. Man or woman it doesn't matter. Have a spa night for yourself once a week and let your trouble melt and go down the drain.