I recently found these old dollar bills that I've been hanging on to. I don't remember where I got them or how long I've had them but they're pretty ancient.

One is from 1935 and the other is from 1957.

You can notice a few differences in the older bills than the ones from this century. The color is a little darker on the older ones, the Department of the Treasury stamp is a different color, and there is no Federal Reserve stamp on the old bills. The bills have the words "Silver Certificate" on them, the newer ones do not. Old George still looks the same though.


And there is no little tiny owl on the front of the old bills.


One big difference I've noticed is on the back of the bills. The dollar from 1935 doesn't have "In God We Trust" printed on it.


I did some research and found out "In God We Trust" wasn't printed on U.S. paper money until it became a law in 1957. Which means I have a dollar from the year the law was put into action. That's gotta be worth a pretty penny, right?

So let's see what these old guys are worth.


According to OldCurrencyValues.com the 1935 dollar bill isn't worth squat! On their site they say it's worth about $1.50. The reason is they printed billions of these bills and they're just not collectible.

Turns out it's the same deal for the 1957 buck. Also about just 50 cents more due to the millions and millions that were produced.

So, there we have it. I guess i won't be getting rich off of these old dollars.