Living in the great state of Maine is a constant gift everyday. We are living in the most beautiful state in America. This is a unique state as far as the people, food, entertainment, art, and nature. This is 'Vacationland' for a reason, and we all know the secret of that living here. If you have lived in Maine from birth to the present, you take pride in knowing everything about your home state. Or, do you? Let's test your Maine knowledge, and check out these shocking unknown facts about Maine.

10. There is an Umbrella Museum on Peaks Island


9. The Maine coastline is longer than California's coastline at 3,500 miles long


8. You can thank Rockport for inventing the yummy doughnut hole


7. The award for the only state with a one-syllable name goes to Maine


6. The inventor of board games, Milton Bradley was from Vienna, Maine


5. Marshall Point Lighthouse was one of Forrest Gumps stops on his cross-country run


4. Maine's own Stephen King wrote his first book 'Carrie' while he was a school teacher Bangor


3. 90% of America's toothpick supply comes from Maine


2. If your Christmas Decorations are not down by January 14th, you could be charges a fine


1. Just so you know, it is against the law in Maine to step out from a plane while it is flying