Are you a person that runs hot all the time or are ALWAYS cold?

I have been in Maine going on 14 years now and 21 years in New England; finally my blood has adapted and I can withstand the brutal winter's here. Something to brag about? I say yes for someone 'from away'. I finally got on the winter wagon about 2 years ago when I realized it was too dangerous trying to where fashionable boots in the winter climate. Also, dressing cute in the winter means LL Bean boots, tights and a over sized flannel shirt. Believe it or not I have had buys tell me I look wicked cute in this outfit.

How far would you go to stay warm?

Is this too far? According to a revolutionary clothing option for the winter has been made specifically for your nose. That's right, 'noseware' is now a thing. It is kinda a hat for your nose made by the The Nose Warmer Company. What the crap man?!

Would you wear one of these?