This is straight out of a horror movie!

Blue Hill, Maine is under attack by caterpillars. According to WGME Channel 13 millions of furry caterpillars have taken over a 2 mile stretch of road from Mines Road between Second and Third ponds. This is on Route 176 or Route 15 and police have put up an electric sign there with a traffic advisory. The caterpillars are causing slick roads when motorists drive over and crush them. And, it is cause quite the pungent odor...that is nasty! Resident's have been told by an arborist to wrap duct tape around the trees and cover it with Vaseline. So far it seems to be working as a temporary fix. Some residents jokingly told WGME some suggests to get rid of these pests. One said a flamethrower could work. Another suggestion is to release chickens, ducks and geese to eat them all up. What a freak show!

Have you ever had an insect infestation at your home?