Life can be rough, and for some suffering with depression, anxiety and PTSD; it's even rougher. I battle all three of these issues everyday, and I do know that anything that helps relieve the symptoms; I will and have done. Over the past few years, slowly, mental health issue have been coming into the light. No more are they stigmas, or thought of as 'not real'. More and more mental health is being discussed, and being recognized has diagnosis'. With these revolution happening comes along with it are ways to cope and help. One of these helpful things are therapy dogs.

Sanford, Maine Fire Chief Steve Benotti has had his therapy dog Chief by his side for 7 years. But now, there is a chance that Chief could be leaving him. Chief has been diagnosed with cancer, and the surgery to save his life costs $20,000. He is asking for your help, to save this beloved dog that not only serves him, but has brought his love to the community as well. Thank you to WGME Channel 13 for bringing us this story.