What was your Halloween costume this year?

Hey, it's your girl Annie! You probably heard me on air talking about my Halloween costume for this year. I went back and forth in the beginning for what I wanted to be. In the past, I come up with pretty out there costumes. In fact, some of them have been pretty naughty. Bad enough to where I can't really tell you what the costumes were. Let me tell you about them in a PG way. Once I was a 'lady of the night'. And, once I 'served' the Red Sox entire team. Other ones have been goofy and fun. This year, I decided to go traditional and be a Victorian Vampire. The costume was only $35 on Amazon and I know I can use it for other costumes in the future. I was able to use jewelry and makeup I already had. So, pretty inexpensive and that is what I am all about.

So, with out further adieu, here is how my costume turned out!