Should a farm in Maine or New Hampshire make time at farms for an adult corn maze?

I am a 38 year old woman and I have no children. But, I do like to take part in activities that are for children. Why not? Brings out the kid in me and going with other adult friends with no kids makes it even better. If I had a kid I would absolutely do fall activities with him/her. Haunted hay rides/houses, carving pumpkins, picking apples, and corn mazes are things that I enjoy in the fall to do and I bet you do too. But, I do feel that some of these farms with corn mazes are forgetting a huge part of their clientele: Grown ups with no kids. And, what makes every event better for grown ups? That would be having alcohol included! LOL

Well, according to, Jack's Pumpkin Pop-Up has recognized the need for an adult themed fall farm experience just for us 'kids trapped in an adult body'. Jack's Pumpkin Pop-Up gives everyone the full on fall fun experience with Chicago's largest corn maze, carnival games, food, and even live entertainment. But, the best part is that after 7p, the fun is for adults only. Hidden inside the corn maze is a full blown bar stoked with beer, wine, and liquor. And, I can only guess that it is maybe much harder to find your way out of the maze after a few dranks! LOL Always have a designated driver.

Do you think this is something needed in Maine or New Hampshire? Would you go?

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