You know when you read or watch something about a haunting that feeling you get up and down your spine? The chills, along with goosebumps?

That is exactly what happened when I watched this video by Paranormal in Maine. Have you seen a spirit around Yeaton Swamp Road in Oxford, Maine? The story behind the haunting is truly gruesome.

In 1964, Roberta (Thomas) Nickerson was stabbed to death by her just divorced husband, according to Paranormal in Maine's video. She was reportedly stabbed nine times in the face and neck with scissors and was discovered wrapped in a blanket near Yeaton Swamp road. She was 23 years old. To this day, that area in Oxford has been a hot spot for paranormal activity, according to the video, especially the home she shared with her husband. Others have lived in the home, and they say she is a frequent visitor.

Check out this investigative video by Paranormal in Maine to see what they found.