What are your FAVORITE potato chips to snack out on?

I consider myself to have an adventurous palate. That means, I will eat anything at least once! I love food and I never want to miss out on a new favorite food I could discover. Weirdest things I have tried to far in my life:

What is the strangest food you have ever tried?

Well, maybe it could be this one. Lay's Potato Chips has is once again blowing our minds with new flavors with there Taste of America chips. They created 8 different bags of chips with flavors inspired from the different regions of 'Merica. Now, for the northeast they chose to create Lobster Roll potato chips. This sounds like it will be a unique chip to try for sure. I am just glad they didn't go with Steamers flavor! And, good thing is we got the real deal lobster rolls right in our backyard.

Are you excited to try the Lobster Roll Chips?