Ya know, when you are on top, others try hard to knock you down. Gronk says '#fakenews'.

boston.cbslocal.com, a freelance sports writer named Adam Kurkjian heard from a reliable source that a meeting had been had discussing trading our Gronk. Now, several other sports guys advised of this rumor as well on Twitter and we call gasped in horror. Would Belichick really do that to us? It is sad enough that
Amendola has left us high and dry. Then,
stupid Edelman with his 4 game suspension for alleged use of drugs. Ugh, say it ain't so? And, there was a major twist to this rumor too! Allegedly in this meeting, The G.O.A.T
Tom Brady threatened that if
Belichick traded Gronk, he would retire! MIND BLOWING! If this rumor is true, our beloved New England Patriots dynasty would be in complete ruin.

Thankfully, Gronk was at a charity event over the weekend and this is what he had to say about these rumors.

Phew, that was a close one. I guess until the season starts in September we will be at Gronk trade deathcon code red.